As times have changed over the years with the MSA regulations in rallying, 2019 is going to be a challenge for both Driver & Co-Driver, expense wise. Now that competitors have to have a Hans Device (Head and Neck Support device) this will be an additional expense, It will cost even more if you have a helmet that does not have hans posts. Costs can start from around £700 upwards, this is on top of entry fees, tyres, fuel etc.

As a Co driver, I cannot afford all these expenses without sponsorship or donations to follow my dream. I have competed several times.

If you would like to Sponsor me or Donate, please see details below. The cost to compete in a championship is expensive, that is just a Co drivers contribution or if I only do a few events is still costly, excluding helmet & hans, it all depends on my driver, which car we use & what damage occurs over the season. Rallying is expensive & anything can happen, no guarantee.


If you wish to sponsor me or donate:

Helmet & hans (cost by sponsor) , your logo on my helmet provided by you, with Sponserd by ????

Just Sponsorship: Badge on my rally suit, provided by you.

Donations: Will be a badge designed by myself & payed for by you (Sponsored by friends of rallysportuk)

There is no guarantee on how many events I will enter, it will all depend on sponsorship / donations.

If you are interested in sponsoring me, please contact me at info@rallysportuk.com

If you would like to donate, please feel free. Depending on donations, donations will will be spent on competing or if donations are low will go towards the running of this website. Once again thank you for your donation.