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The most popular form of motor sport in the UK, probably because it is normal road cars that have been modified. It involves two people working as a partnership, the driver and a co-driver, cars run at one-minute intervals, competing against the clock instead of each other.

Other attractions of rallying are that they take place throughout the UK. Most special stage events take place in less populated areas and road rallies are held in local counties.

Danny Brown i MK1 Escort

Special Stage Rallying

These are more expensive than road rallies, with more on car preparation, speed and driver ability, rather than navigational skills.

Road Rallying

As specialised cars are required for special stage rallying, unmodified, everyday cars can be used for simple road events, making this one the cheapest form for motor sport available. If you are new new to navigating on road rallies, you may have to learn Tulips & Heringbones, yes this does sound abit strange but these are the terms. for information on these terms and a basic guide click here to download. It will look complicated but it will become easier with more road rallies you do. I suggest that you talk to someone that has experience of doing road rallies from your loacal club, to explain everything as well.

The Novice Stage Rally Driver Scheme (Information Courtesy of the motor sport uk)

Anyone who does not possess a Stage Rally Licence (apart from certain exceptions, see below) must first apply to the motor sport uk for a "Go Rallying" Pack. The pack contains – among other information – a "Competitors Yearbook", a DVD and a novice licence application form. The pack contains instructions on the procedure for obtaining a Stage Rally National B Licence.

Since 1 January 2002, every driver competing in stage rallies has been required to hold a Stage Rally Competition Licence. Competitors (including co-drivers) are no longer able to apply for their Competition Licences on the day of an event.

The Stage Rally National B Licence may be issued, without other qualification, to any of the following:

  • Anyone who held a Non-Race National B Competition Licence prior to 31st December 2001.Anyone who held any motor sport uk Competition Licence which was valid for driving in Stage Rallies prior to 31st December 2001. This category comprises all Race, Kart, Speed, Drag and Rally Licences (each of which has always been valid as a Non-Race National B). Evidence of having driven on a Stage Rally is not required.

Drivers not qualified as above will be required to successfully complete the BARS course. These are:

  • Anyone who has previously held only a Non-Race Clubman's Licence. Anyone who has previously held only a Rally National A Navigator Licence. Anyone who has never previously held any type of Competition Licence.

The Stage Rally National B Licence and what it covers:

  • The Stage Rally Licence is the only Licence which entitles the holder to drive in Stage Rallies. It may also be used for any other event requiring either a Non-Race National B or Non-Race Clubmans Licence. Any competitor wishing to drive in Stage Rallies will be required to apply for a Stage Rally National B Licence. No Stage Rally event will accept Non-Race National B Licences for drivers.

Any competitor wishing to navigate in Stage Rallies may apply for a Non-Race National B, Rally National A Navigator or (if entitled) a Stage Rally National B Licence. None of these licences may be applied for on the day of an event; every Stage Rally competitor is now required to be in possession of his or her licence prior to competing.

Purchase Go Rallying Pack

Click Here to Purchase the Go Rallying Pack

Want To Rally?

British Association of Rally Schools

Visit The British Association of Rally Schools Website for more information. The British Association of Rally Schools was formed in 1995 by six Rally Schools whose aim was to standardise the core elements of rally driving courses and provide a consistent level of control, safety and enjoyment for all participants.

Recognised by and accountable to the Motor Sports Association, the founding Rally Schools established safety policies, standards and controls to cover the preparation of rally school cars, licensing of rally school instructors and the safety of all participants involved in rally driving courses and experiences.

The British Association of Rally Schools has members throughout the United Kingdom. It provides National coverage for new entrants to Stage Rallying required to complete a BARS Licence Assessment prior to being issued with an motor sport uk Stage Rally National B Licence. It also provides an approved network of rally course providers to the general public, corporate groups and competitors.

T: +44(0)1280 705 570

Approved motor sport uk Rally Schools:

Bill Gwynne Rallyschool international

Address: Turweston Aerodrome Brackley Northants NN13 5YD.


Phone: +44(0)1280 705570

Fax: +44(0)1280 701691


Silverstone Rally School Ltd Silverstone Park Silverstone Northamptonshire NN12 8TJ

Tel: 01327 857413

Fax: 01327 858285

Higgins Rally School

Carno Powys SY17 5LU

Telephone: +44 (0)1686 420201


Phil Price Rally School

Coed Harbour Llangunllo Knighton Powys LD71TD

Telephone: 01547550300


Chris Birbeck International Rally School

Manx Lodge Low Farm, Brotton, Saltburn TS12 2QX

T: 01287 677512



Contact info Superdrive Motorsports Centre Contact Info Knochill

Knockhill Racing Circuit, by Dunfermline, Fife, KY12 9TF Scotland

General Enquiries: +44 (0)1383 723337
Voucher Sales: +44 (0)1383 720044
Fax: +44 (0)1383 620167


MotorSport Vision Brands Hatch

TEL : 0843 453 3000

email us at

MotorSport Vision Oulton Park

TEL : 0843 453 3000

email us at

Want To Be A Marshal?

If you want to get involved in marshalling - but not as a competitor, there can be no better way than as a marshal or official. Before you commit we advise that you have a few trail events. You will always need Warm clothing & waterproofs , hot drinks and high energy food. As a rule I always take a camping stove for that must bacon butty and hot drinks, wear plenty of layers, steel toecap boots, gloves, plenty of food and most of all a whistle and high viz as in the photo on the right I am all in orange.
Volunteers are also needed as administrators within motor clubs.


Signing-on as a marshal is easy, and there are special training days throughout the year.
After you have gained experience as a marshal, you might like to consider one of the many other duties, such as scrutineering or timekeeping. Once you have been trained and registered with the motor sport uk you will be able to marshal at events such as the WRC

Training Days

Attendance at Training Days is an integral part of being a motor sport official. Details can be obtained from your local club.

Minimum Requirements

There are none. Volunteers are welcome at any age, although the duties of young people may be limited. If you already have special skills - technical, mechanical, rescue, vehicle recovery, medical, first aid or administration; you may wish to use those skills as a volunteer in motor sport.

Specialist Contacts

Volunteers in Motorsport for contact details and further information.

British Motor Racing Marshals Club and British Rally Marshals Club for contact details and further information.
Scottish Motorsport Marshals Club for contact details and further information.

Do you want to Marshall on the WRC ? Register here, if you already have your motor sport uk Marshal licence.

2018 Licence

To renew your licence , First Time Application , View Licence Status or Postal Application Form just click on the motor sport uk logo below.


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